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We envision as a Simplified IT Solution House that adopts the aesthetic concerns of the disciplines of agile software development practices to bring out business centric organization wide software applications through service oriented business model and handover 100 technically astute professionals on yearly basis by transferring the knowledge through industry experts to the business community.


Our mission is to build a Center of Excellence to bring out quality low cost scalable software solutions and expert software developers to combat against digital divide and address the challenges of current and feature business functional needs of client organizations.

Core Values

Quality, Transparency and Mutual Growth
Creativity, Innovation, and the Pursuit of Excellence
Hanover principles – Design and Development in order to protect client’s investment in deployment of IT Solutions.
Mitigating the digital divide persisting with the client organization.

Director's Desk

  • " Being Initiated in the year 2010 as a Software Firm,the firm strives in providing software as a service ie applying SAAS model for software development . "

    " Started with a vision of taking care of the health of hospitals and educational institutions by creating very simple software, which will be very user friendly and solving some of the sophisticated problems of their domains."

    " Besides that , seeing the growing figures of jobless youths as well as unsatisfied jobs against many of the youths , a state of Art training center is facilitated in the firm providing IT training to the upcoming youths ."

    " Apart from that, the main goal of the organization will be ensuring that no customers are un-satisfied."

    - By thy Management

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E-mail: info@cnext.in
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The Team

"It’s about meeting customer needs and adding value. We start paying more attention to our customer needs than our revenue needs ".
An IT services, business solutions and outsourcing organization, started with a vision to delivers real results to global businesses, ensuring a level of certainty that no other firm can match. We offer an optimized and fully integrated stack of business hardware and software systems that helps organizations overcome complexity and unleash innovation.


Applying a SAAS model for software development , we have some benefits over other organization like

1) Financial Benefit
2) Budgetary Benefit
3) Focus your technology budgets on competitive advantage rather than infrastructure.
4) Gain immediate access to the latest innovations.